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Zyclone B Bathouse Chords

Intro: G, C
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E         A
Zyclone B Bathouse
D                             G        Gb
A perfect place for cleansing ethnicaut
E          A
Train ride provided
D                                 G          Gb 
Although the fare only sports the under class
C                             D
As the train goes by, they'll turn away
     G          D                   E
Only doppler is effected, not their hearts
        A                           C
With a "Better them than me" and a "Better off this way"

Ronald McDonald
Paint a happy face on a McMurderer 
Same train, same station
This time the cars are corporate, not fascist state
What is life quality or quanity?
Since when does that get decided by majority?
And who's more decent, one man or a dozen men?

End: G (with intro)