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Linoleum Bass Tab

Every body elses was messed up to a point of no help. heres the 
real version so you guys can play in right. The guitar is the same
thing but in power cards.


and so on, you get the point

The riff:

                       or   or   or   or

The second part is just palm muted. The lyrics are easy to hear but
if you can't get them then here.  They might be a little off.
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Possesions never meant any thing to me
i'm not crazy
well, thats not true i've got a bed and a guitar
and a dog named dog who P*****  on my floor
thats right i got a floor so what? so what?
ive go pockets full of kleenex and linen holes where
every thing important to me just seems to fall right down my leg
and on to the floor, my closest friend linoleum
supports my head, gives me something to believe,
thats me on the beach side combin' the sand metal meter
in my hand sportin' a pocket full of change.
Thats me on the street with a violin under my chin
playin' with a grin singin' jibberish
thats me on the back of the bus
thats me in the cell, thats me inside your head, thats me
inside your heeeeeaaaaaddddd, thats me inside your head

well thats all for now bie