Noel Gallagher Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. AKA... Broken Arrow Tab
02. AKA... What A Life Tab
03. Aka What A Life Acoustic Chords
04. Alone On The Rope Tab
05. A Simple Game Of Genius Tab
06. Bye Bye My Family Chords
07. Come On Outside Tab
08. Digsys Dinner Acoustic Chords
09. Dream On Chords
10. Dream On Tab
11. Dream On Bass Tab
12. Everybodys On The Run Chords
13. Everybodys On The Run (ver 2) Chords
14. Everybody's On The Run Tab
15. Fade Away Acoustic Chords
16. God Help Us All Chords
17. God Help Us All Tab
18. Help Chords
19. If I Had A Gun Chords
20. If I Had A Gun (ver 2) Chords
21. If I Had A Gun (ver 3) Chords
22. If I Had A Gun (ver 4) Chords
23. If I Had A Gun Tab
24. If I Had A Gun Bass Tab
25. If Theres A God Chords
26. Its A Crime Tab
27. I Wanna Live In A Dream In My Record Machine Chords
28. I Wanna Live In A Dream In My Record Machine Tab
29. Merry Christmas Everybody Chords
30. Merry Christmas Everybody (ver 2) Chords
31. Merry Christmas Everybody (ver 3) Chords
32. Merry Christmas Everybody (ver 4) Chords
33. Merry Christmas Everybody (ver 5) Chords
34. Oh Lord Chords
35. Record Machine Tab
36. Sad Song Acoustic Chords
37. Setting Sun Chords
38. Shoot A Hole Into The Sun Tab
39. Slide Away Chords
40. Slide Away (ver 2) Chords
41. Slide Away (ver 3) Chords
42. Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks Tab
43. Stop The Clocks Tab
44. Stranded On The Wrong Beach Tab
45. Strawberry Fields Forever Chords
46. Supersonic Acoustic Chords
47. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Chords
48. The Death Of You And Me Chords
49. The Death Of You And Me (ver 2) Chords
50. The Death Of You And Me (ver 3) Chords
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