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Son Of A Gun Chords

Son of a Gun
(Cover of the Vaseline's song)
From the album, 'Incesticide'

OK, here's a simple tab for the funnest song on Incesticide. You'll have to listen to
CD to get rythm right. I'm 100% sure of the accuracy of this tab, so if it doesn't
sound right, it's cos your playing it wrong ;-)


A    Em    E     D


A       E            D               E
Up, up, up and down, turn, turn, turnaround,

A             E              D    E 
round, round, roundabout and over again.
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A         E             D           E 
Gun, gun, son of a gun, you are the only one,

A              E             D      E 
that makes any difference to what I say.


G5                C5      D5          C5
Sun shines in the bedroom,    when we play,

G5          C5             D5           C5
the raining always starts, when you go away.


G5     D5    G5    D5
A5     E5    A5    E5

End on G5.

This is a very simple tab to a great song. Enjoy!