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Allright everyone this is my first tab so if there are any problems you can just
E-mai-(what am I doing?)BITE ME! Im just pickin 

Standard Tuning
Thank god there are no pull offs or bends or vbratos or anything like that!
listen to the CD for timing


Ok that is basically the whole song but in the middle of the song, after the second chorus
hit the E-A-D strings (open) and let them ring until the bass "solo" is done and go back to the verse.
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I also have a power chord version of this song that I'm about to post too.
But again if there is any problems e-mail me cause i really want to fix any thing. 
By the way RATE THIS PLEASE I REALLY DO(not)CARE (just playin again)
One last thing here are the chords I used(They are easy)
E-E-x  G-E-x  D-E-x  C-E-x   A-E-0
  b-x    b-x    b-3    b-1     b-2
  G-1    G-0    G-2    G-0     G-2
  D-2    D-0    D-0    D-2     D-2
  A-2    A-2    A-0    A-3     A-0
  E-0    E-3    E-0    E-0     E-0