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Tinh Don Coi Chords

Artist not in database: This is a very popular Vietnamese pop/rock song sung
by guy named Nguyen Phi Hung (last, middle, first). If you need to hear it,
I'm sure some "kazaa" users would have it. I'm sure many Vietnamese guitar
players would appreciate this. 

by Nguyen Phi Hung

This is my first tab ever. I did it because I couldn't find it anywhere, even
the Vietnamese tab websites. I will post the one for the lead guitar parts & solo
as soon as I'm done with it.  

Intro: Bm  D  Em F#m  Bm

Verse 1:
Da co nhung luc toi nhin lai.
Cuoc tinh do luc bong em da xa roi.
Em                         F#m
The gioi co biet bao nguoi yeu nhau suot doi.
   G           F#m          Bm
Co sao so kiep toi van hiu quanh. 


Verse 2 (will repeat after chorus)
Van mai dan buoc tren duong doi.
Du tinh yeu troi toi giua dau vui.
Em                      F#m   
The gioi co may ai duoc vui trong ai tinh.
    G         A                Bm
The nen chang thay toi qua don lanh. 

[ Tab from: ]
D        A         Bm
Luc biet yeu da xa nguoi. (2nd time: Yeu nhau luc xa nhau roi)
Em       F#m            D
Luc trai ngang da giang troi.
Em                            F#m
Huong hoa yeu duong nao khong mang theo trai dang 
    G                    F#m
thi toi yeu day giua don coi.


               Bm                      A
Tim trong nhan the de nam lay mot tinh yeu 
de van thay ta duoc yeu 
    F#m             Bm
hoi linh hon tha huong.
Bm                                   A 
Tinh yeu do luc trong vang khi cuong quay,
luc dam duoi khi doi thay 
    F#m            Bm
nhu han len vet thuong.

Em                        Bm
Nhan gian kia may ai duoc vui.
Em                         Bm
Yeu duong trong giac mo le loi.
Bm                                F#m
Tinh toi do dot chay het bao ngay qua 
tham het bao tinh ca.
     F#m         Bm
khuc ca tinh don coi (2nd time: oi tinh yeu le loi)