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Artist: The New Pornographers
Album:  Twin Cinema
Song:   Use It
tabber: John Baer (

Intro: two seconds of fast, alternate picking of xx4x0x, then palm muted A

Verse 1: (0:21)
A             E                                      B
The cat calls through the night, a-two chicks in the parking lot crack wise
                F#m   A             B
on the price of fame... they stood to gain.
F#m              A                   E                    B
The phone books, been ripped off and two shakes in the dock across the way
                 F#m      A              B
Know the price of flight, its weight and size, if you've got something that
          F#m    A      B     E   B    E  
Sheds some light...use it tonight, tonight.
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Verse 2:
A           E                            B                              
Heads down, thumbs up, two sips from the cup of human kindness and I'm shit 
F#m    A           B    F#m            A        E                    B
faced Just lay to waste... So wait here, wait up, stock tips from the credit 
                               F#m    A             B                       
checks come Next in the logic's line, and all on my dime. If you've got 
                 F#m   A      B     E  B      E
will and a little time Use it tonight, tonight...

Chorus 1: 
E                   B                  F#      A         B          E
You had to send the wrecking crew after me, I can't walk right. (x2)

Verse 3:
A         E                                  B                             
A phantom of the heart, a-four beats from the party line been mine since
        F#m   A                  B     F#m           A 
I was a child...It just blew their world...So heads down, thumbs up
(N.C.)          B                                  F#m    A       B
Four beats from salty lime get set to exercise your right, use it tonight
                                          F#m     A         B     E 
If there's a choice between the chance and flight, choose it tonight, 
B     E

Chorus 2: 
E                   B                 F#     A          B
You had to send the wrecking crew after me, I can't walk right.
E                   B                 F#     A                    
You had to send the wrecking crew after me, I can't walk right, I can't walk right.
      B      E  B     E  B     E  B     E              E
Use it tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, night, night.

-Cheers and buy Twin Cinema!!! (John Baer)