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Wonderful Way To Go Tab

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From: (Stefan Keil)
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This is the intro and the chorus of “Wonderful way to go” from New Model Army from their “Strange Brotherhood”-Album.
Please use heavy distortion and in addition to that (only for the intro; but anyway you can decide how to use your effects;-) a slight Chorus or Delay Effect.
If you don’t remember the song very well, listen to it one more time and then you should get the used effects soon.

Wonderful way to go / New Model Army (Strange Brotherhood)

Intro (as it is played in the Studio version and on the stage, in some live recordings it may be played twice, so if you like, just repeat it again)
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Note: Let ring each note as long as possible

This is the guitar line for the refrain starting by:

   Colors brighter than if ever seen, more weired than i’ve ever been and faces turn to stone and through the gates again, what a wonderful way to go, what a wonderful way to gooo……

So folks, that’s it, great song. What a wonderful way to go, what a wonderful song to play. Greets to all Army fans.
Also greets to all the people from my old high school, if anybody of them should ever read this. Abi 99 GMO rockz :-)