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New Found Glory Chords & Tabs

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Glory Of Love Tab

New Found Glory
Glory of Love

Okay peeps, heres the deal. Punk is my thing. Punk is great. After 
listening to this song hundreds of times and scanning through all the
wrong tabs out there, this one has been completed with perfect 
accuracy. Play this and you'll see, it rocks and to those who
say NFG, Blink and Good Charlotte aint punk, eat it!

Intro and Verses


Repeat the above parts as the song does.
After the 2nd time playing the above, it goes to the chorus, ta da!
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Chorus: im not going to tab out the strumming because there are a lot

after the first chorus, you go back to the intro and verse chords.
after the second chorus, you go to the bridge tabbed below.
bridge: again, there is lots of odd strumming and palm mutes for each
chord that i wont go into. its really simple to play if you just
listen to the song though.

After the bridge, you go back to the chorus and play it several times 
until you deem it necessary to stop, or can somehow fade out your 
guitar. Hehe. Anyways. Have fun and keep rockin out!

Willie T