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I Wish It Would Rain Chords

"I Wish It Would Rain"   aka "The easiest song in the world"
~~~ Nanci Griffith version

Tabs by Mandy G. 
P.S. This is the first song I ever learned to play, so it's perfect for all us beginners. Plus it's gorgeous.  Learn it... It's easy and fun.

G(9)          G           Em            C        D
|-------    |---3---     |-------    |-------    |-------
|---3---    |---2---     |---2---    |---3---    |-------
|---2---    |-------     |---2---    |---2---    |-------
|-------    |-------     |-------    |-------    |---2---
|---3---    |---3---     |-------    |---1---    |---3---
|---3---    |---3---     |-------    |-------    |---2---

Oh, I wish it would rain
         G(9)  G
wash my face clean 

I wanna find some dark clouds
to hide in here
Oh, the love in a memory
                 G(9) G
It sparkles like diamonds
[ Tab from: ]
When the diamonds fall
D           Em-C
Burns like tears
When the diamonds fall
Burns like tears

G                           G(9)    G
Once I had a love from the Georgia pines
     D             Em
who only cared for me
       C                G
Gonna find that love of 22
here at 33
G                           G(9)       G
Got a heart on my right and one on my left
     D                Em
but neither suits my needs
           C             G 
Cause the one I love is way out west
and he never will need me.


Gonna pack up my two-steppin' shoes
and head for the Gulf Coast plains
Wanna walk the streets of my old hometown
Where everybody knows my name
Gonna ride the train down the Galvaston
When the hurricanes blow in
Cause that Gulf Coast water tastes sweet as wine
when your heart's blowin home in the wind