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Ford Econoline Chords

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"Ford Econoline" off of
Lone Star State of Mind, MCA records

Nanci Griffith


Verse 1

	        C				                  C
She drove west from Salt Lake City to the California coastline
	          C			                C	         G
She hit the San Diego Freeway doing sixty miles an hour
She had a husband on her bumper
She had five restless children
	     C		             C		               G	 C
She was singing sweet as a mockingbird in that Ford Econoline

      F		      C
She's salt of the earth
G			         C
Straight from the bosom of the Mormon church
       F	         C
With a voice like wine
G		                 Bb
Cruising along in that Ford Econoline

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Verse 2
        C             			          C
Now her husband was a gambler, he was a Salt Lake City rounder
   	     C                      C      C        G
He built a golden cage around his silver throated wife
         C		    	                       C
Too many nights he left her crying with his cheating and lying
        C                  C               G         C
But his big mistake was in buying her that Ford Econoline

Instrumental Solo

Verse 3
Now she sings her songs around this country
>From Seattle to Montgomery
      C			               C
Those kids are grown and that rounder knows
    C       C         G
You can not cage your wife
All on the back roads of our nation
She's become a living ledgend
	          C                    C
She drives a Coup DeVille but her heart rides still
	     G	      C
In that Ford Econoline
	          C                    C
She drives a Coup DeVille but her heart rides still
	      G	      C
In that Ford Econoline

C 032010
F 003211
G 320003