Nanci Griffith Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Across America Tab
02. Across The Great Divide Chords
03. Across The Great Divide (ver 2) Chords
04. Anyone Can Be Somebodys Fool Chords
05. Bad Seed Tab
06. Ballad Of Robin Winter-smith Chords
07. Banks Of The Pontchartrain Chords
08. Bethlehem Steel Tab
09. Boots Of Spanish Leather Chords
10. Come On Up Mississippi Tab
11. Cradle Of The Interstate Chords
12. Davey's Last Picture Tab
13. Drive In Movies Chords
14. Ford Econoline Chords
15. Friend Out In The Madness Chords
16. From Clare To Here Chords
17. From Clare To Here Tab
18. Going Back To Georgia Chords
19. Goin Gone Chords
20. Good Night New York Chords
21. Gulf Coast Highway Chords
22. Gulf Coast Highway (ver 2) Chords
23. Hell No Tab
24. High On A Mountain Top Tab
25. If I Could Only Fly Tab
26. Im Not Drivin Chords
27. Intersection Tab
28. Its A Hard Life Chords
29. I Dont Wanna Talk About Love Chords
30. I Wish It Would Rain Chords
31. Just Another Morning Here Tab
32. Late Night Grande Hotel Chords
33. Listen To The Radio Chords
34. Little Love Affairs Chords
35. Love At The Five Tab
36. Love At The Five And Dime Tab
37. Money Changes Everything Tab
38. More Than A Whisper Chords
39. More Than A Whisper (ver 2) Chords
40. Never Going Back Tab
41. Not Innocent Enough Tab
42. Once In A Very Blue Moon Chords
43. Outbound Plane Chords
44. Party Girl Tab
45. Pour Me A Drink Tab
46. Sing Tab
47. Speed Of Snd Of Loneliness Chords
48. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness Chords
49. Still Life Tab
50. Stranded In The High Ground Tab
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