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Big Girls Blouse Tab

Title:Big Girls Blouse
Artist: Chris Myzell
Copyright 2003 Time Bomb Recordings, a unit of BMG
Entertainment 6 west 57th street, New York, N.Y. 10019
Tabbed with permission by: Kathryn Pickard

Intro (Note the distortion and feedback sound) 
standard tuning

----------------------------*Note riff 1 play
----------------------------5 times and palm
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----------7777-7----------9999-9---*Note riff 2 play
----------7777-7----------9999-9---4 times and then 
--4444-4--7777-7--7777-7--9999-9---play for verse!!!!

Riff3 (Chorus)
------------------------------*Note riff 3 play
------------------------------for chorus then go
--7777--5555--3333--22-2------back to riff 2!!!!!!!!
That is it hope you like it Grace and Peace K E P