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The Melancholy Tower Tab

Artist: Myslovitz
Title: The Melancholy Tower
Album: Korova Milky Bar (english version) 
(released: July 7-18, 2003)  
transcripted by: teddy

Bm, e, D, A

Bm                      e
You still ask, how I am and what's up
       D                         A
And if this place has changed? I think not
One more time I tried saving the world
But I failed all the way in my attempts

This sad face, is it what I've become?
Or is it just the one, that you know?
Anyway, I will not ever change
Yeah, no matter how badly I try
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   F#m                          G
   Just a click, and I'm really gone
   Sometimes, this is what I want
   To leave you all behind
   F#m                      G
   I seek something most of the time
              D       A
   That could hold me back

Things vibrate laughter's something I hate
You should now go away, let me be
It's all right, well, you know I'll be fine
Rain will wash dirty snow off the panes

   Just a click, and I'm really gone
   Sometimes, this is all I want
   So that I'll cope no more
   F#m                         G
   I'm alone in this tower, no floor 

SOLO: (Bm, e, D, A)

transcripted by: teddy