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I Miss You Chords

Intro: F#-Fm-Ebm-Ab-Db

Miss you...
Db			Cm
Everyday and every night, this
Fm		Bb
feeling I'd fight
	Ab			F#
Try as I might but I won't win,
I surrender,
I'd die
Ebm		    Ab
You are winning here alright
Db			      Cm
Every morning when the sun
would shine
On me
I'd flash a smile but deep inside
I feel so sad and lonely
I need you here and now
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I miss you
It's crazy to pretend that
I don't think of you
The more this feeling just
seems to grow
And grow
I miss you
On how much longer can I
hold on to
Maybe you can come and tell
me that you
Miss me too

(Do intro chords)
Miss you...

(Do verse chords)
All I want is this for love to last
You walked away, never came
back, oh I
Tried to recover
I can't bear it boy, alright
When I hear a song that we had
used to
I'll try as I might to hide the tears,
When the pain is over
I'll wish that you are near
(Do intro chords)
Miss you...