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Stockholm Syndrome Tab

Ok, there's only 1 tab for this song, so i thought i would put down another
version. After listening to the song about 100 times im sure it's not in drop D
but is actually tuned to E flat, Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. So here's my version of the


B - Bend
* - Harmonic
H - Hammer

Intro - Loads of fuzz....

Eb ---------------------------------------------------------
Bb ---------------------------------------------------------
Gb ---------------------------------------------------------
Db ---------------------------------------------------------
Ab ------------------------------------------11b------------
Eb 12-13-12-10-12-13-12-10-12-13-12-10-12-13----------------

Play that however many times. The rhythm is a bit skewiff but im sure you can
figure it out :D When Matt starts singing play this.........


Eb ----------------------------------------------------------
Bb ----------------------------------------------------------
Gb ----------------------------------------------------------
Db ----------------------------------------------------------
Ab ----------------------------------------------------------
Eb 12-10-9-8-12-14-15-16-17-15-14-13-14-17-------------------

You gotta tremolo pick all these notes pretty fast. This might not look right
but im pretty sure if you play along with the song that it's correct. The song
goes into that beefy riff now which goes like this............


Eb -----------------------------------------------------------
Bb -----------------------------------------------------------
Gb -----------------------------------------------------------
Db -----------------------------------------------------------
Ab 7-6-5------------------------------------------------------
Eb 5-4-3------------------------------------------------------
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Keep playing the last chord of that riff over and over until the pianos kick in,
where i think this riff can be played instead of all the pianos.........

Eb -----------------------------------------------------------
Bb -----------------------------------------------------------
Gb -----------------------------------------------------------
Db -----------2-----------------------------------------------
Ab 5-9-10-9-7-2-----------------------------------------------
Eb 3-7-8--7-5-0-----------------------------------------------

You dont just play each chord once as i have tabbed, but i am sure you can figure
out how many times you play each of the chords tabbed by listening to the record.
When Matt sings 'i wish i came' or something along those lines, he plays this.........

Eb -----------------------------------------------------------
Bb -----------------------------------------------------------
Gb -----------------------------------------------------------
Db -----------------------------------------------------------
Ab 5-8-9-12-13------------------------------------------------
Eb 3-6-7-10-11------------------------------------------------

Then it's back to the intro riff again, but when Matt plays it this time he puts
some crazy harmonic in their, i think it's on the 15th fret. Listen to the song
or where you play it. The song follows pretty much the same pattern until the
outro, the very heavy bit, which i think is played like this..........

Eb ------------------------------------------------------------
Bb ------------------------------------------------------------
Gb ------------------------------------------------------------
Db ------------------------------------------------------------
Ab ------------------------------------------------------------
Eb 12-0-13-0-12-0-10-12----------------------------------------

The song then ends on the open E flat note. If anyone wants to correct this tab,
send emails to Thanx a bundle!