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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Nothing To Gain Bass Tab

Song: Nothing To Gein
Band: Mudvayne

Again, crap tab on here for it, this is almost exact

Tuning is:E   ...and i know there is a huge tuning controversy and if you dont like
          B      it, just try tuning it to this.
s=slap, p=pluck, T=thumb (there are some parts that are easier if you use it)

Intro  (0:17)
E [------------------------------------------------------------]
B [------------------------------------------------------------]
B [0---------------6---------------3-------------2-------------]
]...needed,        from me,     its my time, to mother

Bass solo intro thingy  (0:25)
E [--------------------------12---------------------12-----------]
B [0------------/12---10-------------10--0--8---------------8--0-]
B [--------------------------------------------------------------]
      one of my own                in my life
                  v-thats a bend & return to the 8!
E [--------------------------------------12---------------9-10---12-----]
B [7-------7h8-7-------0-----/12---10----------10--0--8-----------------]
B [---------------------------------------------------------------------]
   i am so alone,         left with no one           in my life
E [--9--9---10-----12------------------------------------------]
B [------------------------------------------------------------]
B [------------------------------------------------------------]
   i'm so alone

Chorus  pt 1
E [--------------------------------------------------------------]
B [------------------------------------------3~~~---------2^~~~~-]
B [2h3-0-0-2-0-0-2-3-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-0-3-3-3-----5-3-2~~~~-------]
                                             P            p 
  life    submissiveness...
pt 2                                                      v theres a delay right 
E [-----------------------------------------4--5-------5-7-------] here in the other
B [--------------------------------------3-----------------6-----] choruses
B [2h3-0-0-2-0-0-2-3-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-0-3---------------------------]
                                         T  P  P     T P P T T 
   life of a simple man...              
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Verse  (1:09)  the verse riff is exact...need proof? download Nothing to Gein Live in
pt 1                                                 NY and youll see what i mean.
E [-----------------------------------------------------]  
B [----3------------9-----------------------------6-----]  
B [------------------------0--0---------0--/5-3/5-------]
   T   P        T   P                             P P
...Sheltered life,innocence,            insulated memories...

pt 2                                                                              
E [-----------------------------------------------16--] strum this last note
B [----3------------9---------------6------9------15--]                          
B [-------------------------0---/5--------------------]                      
   T   P        T   P               P T    P T    
...ies,         spark reflections in my head

Interlude (1:47)    v to pluck these, i find it easier to use my thumb to pluck the
E [-----------------4------------------4------------------4--------------] lower one
B [----------------------------------------------------------------------]
B [2h0-0-0-2--0-0-2---2h0-0-0-2--0-0-2---2h0-0-0-2--0-0-2---2h0-0-0--2-0-]
   S   S S S  S S S P S   S S S  S S S P S   S S S  S S S P S   S S  S S
...sickness, mutilate and sew my new clothes....

Breakdown (2:58)  
This parts easy, but i cant really tab you when to play the open B, Its something you
gotta learn on your own, but Ill put in the little guitar things so you kinda know
when to do it. The guitar notes are wrong and they dont mean anything, theyre just 
markers :)

E [1-0---------1-0---------1-0---------1-0--------1-0---------1-0-------]
B [----1-0---------1-0---------1-0---------1-0--------1-0---------1-0---]
B [--------------------0------------------------0---------------------0-]

E [1-0---------1-0---------1-0---------1-0--------1-0---------1-0-------]
B [----1-0---------1-0---------1-0---------1-0--------1-0---------1-0---]
B [--------------------0-----------------------0----------------------0-]

(3:08)         v  only does this the couple times after the weird part
E [------------X---------------7-----10----]    he scrapes it from     -X------
B [------------X---------------------------]    top to bottom though   --X-----
F#[------------X---------------5-----8-----]    really fast like       ---X----
B [0-0-0-0-0-0-X-0---0-0-0-0-0---0-0-------]                           ----X---
   s s s s s s   s   s s s s s P s s P
   If i soak my hands in others blood...

Weird part  (3:27)
E [------------------------------/7-7-------------8----10--]
B [---0--------0-------0------0----------------------------]
F#[--------------------------------------------------------]   x2
B [0--------0-------0------0-----------0--0--0-x----x------]
   S  P     S  P    S  P   S  P     P  S  S  S S  P S  P
blame mother for the sickness...