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To Be With U Tab

mr big
to be with u.
 C#m            E      Asus           E
hold on little girl show me what hes done to u
 C#m             E        Asus         E 
stand up little girl a broken heart cant be that bad

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Asus                   E        Asus            
when its through its through fait will twist the both of u
D                 B
so come on baby, come on over let me be the one to show u

E            Asus        B         E
im the one who wants to be with you,
E            Asus        B       E 
deep inside i hope you feel it to,
E            Asus        B           E 
ive waited on the line of greens and bule 
  E           Asus      B         E
just to be the next to be with you.

the rest of the song is the same.
its perfect too.