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Flowers In The Rain Chords

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From: (Franz Lemmermeyer)
Subject: CRD: Flowers in the rain (Move)

Flowers in the Rain		(roy wood)

1. Woke up one morning half asleep

   With all my blankets in a heap
				    C    D
   and yellow roses gathered all around me;
   the time was still approaching four

   I couldn't stand it anymore
			        C D
   Saw marigolds upon my eider down.

Chorus: I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain
  				    A7         D  A7  D7
        Feel the power of the rain making the garden grow,
	I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain
  				    A7         D
        Feel the power of the rain keeping me cool.
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2. So I lay upon my side with all the windows opened wide
   Couldn't pressurize my head from speaking
   Hoping not to make a sound I pushed my bed into the grounds
   In time to catch the sight that I was seeking.

    C				      G
    If this perfect pleasure has the key
    Then this is how it has to be

    If my pillow's getting wet
       F                 Dm7    Dm6     C
    I don't see that it matters much to me.



4. I heard the flowers in the breeze make conversation with the trees
   Believed to leave reality behind me
   With my commitments in a mess my sleep has gone away depressed
   In a world of fantasy you'll find me.


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