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Ace Of Spades Tab

                     A C E    O  F    S  P  A  D  E  S

                   from the album "Ace of Spades"  1980

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well, from what i've seen, baldy has done the best tab of "ace" that i've seen. but, i might be wrong, but i think the main riff goes:
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this tab comes from some ancient magazine, from about '94, i guess (it had tom morello on the front, plugging 'evil empire', so its about that old)

no offence to any other tabs so far, but in my opinion, the pedal tone makes it sound WAY heavier than if you use power-chords, or doublestops, or tritones, or whatever. the main riff is in the E minor blues scale (minor pentatontic with an extra flattened fifth for good measure)
try and listen to the record for the timings, and don't be too pedantic with those open e hits.

above all, enjoy