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"I'm Not Your Stepping Stone"

this song is a simple four chord progression:


E      G     C             D
I - yi yi yi yi'm not your stepping stone
I - yi yi yi yi'm not your stepping stone

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E                          G               C       D
You're trying to make your mark in soc --  ie  --  ty
You're using all those     tricks that you used on me
You're reading all them    high fashioned  maga -- zines
The clothes you're wearin' girl r causing  public  scenes


E                          G                 C             D
When i first met you       girl you didn't   have no       shoes
But now you're walking    'round like ur     front page    news
You've been awful          careful about the friends you   choose
But you won't find my      name in your      book of who's who


E E E G A G E E E G A G                  E E E G A G E E E G A G E------------
                  not your steppin stone