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Mary Mary Chords

lyrics from reprint of 1966 -'67 sheet music
(this arrangement & words are somewhat different from the version
that the Monkees recorded)

Mary, Mary
Where are you goin' to?
And Mary, Mary
Can I go there too?

A        Bm
This one thing

D           E
     I will vow you

A             Bm
I'd rather die

D                  E
     Than live without you
Mary, Mary

Where are you goin' to?

Mary, Mary
Tell me truly
Oh what did I do
To make you leave me?

    A          Bm
Whatever it was

    D             E
You know I didn't mean to
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A              Bm
     I'd never try

D           E
     Try to hurt you.
Mary, Mary
Where are you goin' to?

     What more Mary

     Can I do

     To prove my love

     Is true to you.

Bm                           C#                     A
     I've done more than any clear thinging man can do.

Mary, Mary
It's not over
Wherever you go, child
I will follow,

  A     Bm
Until I win

D               E
     Your love again

A                Bm
     And stand beside you

D         E
But until then,
Mary, Mary
Where are you goin' to?

Where are you goin' to?