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The Ballad Of Bobby And June Chords & Tabs

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The Ballad Of Bobby And June Chords

The song starts with switches between E and Esus.

Fm	   A		    E      Esus  E
This is the story of Bobby and June
Fm	   A		       E
A boy and a girl who kidnapped the moon
But they fell in love
To the sound of guns
Fm	    A E
The year was 1861

Fm	     A			E   Esus E
The army came looking for men to recruit
Fm		    A		        E
Dressin’ boys up like soldiers in blue Union suits
B				A
Take this sword and cut down Johnny Reb
They said
Fm		 A		       E
You’ll come back a hero or you’ll come back dead
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A	    B
Stay with me Bobby
           A	    B
Don’t go away from me now
	  A	       B
I want you say that you love me
	 A	    B
Don’t go away from me now
	     E    Esus  E
I want you to stay

Now Bobby he marched to the eye of the storm
The blue coats were falling the blood was still warm
A battle was raging and the only thing in his eyes
Was the thought of his June and making it home alive

His army outnumbered they started to run
When Bobby went down with the crack of a gun
And as he lay still his face sinking in the rain
He knew that he never and ever would see June again


It was the morning of Christmas when June heard a sound
Of someone approaching their boots scraping on the ground
As she looked out the window her heart pounded in her breast
A broken young Bobby was clutching a wounded chest

She ran out to help ease his pain
He looked up and whispered her name
Fm				           A
Then she cradled his head in her arms and he smiled
When he heard his June say