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From: drcraver@hydra.syr.edu (Daniel R. Craver)


1234 1234 1234 1234
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A                               G                  A
she walked out with empty arms, machine gun in her hand
A                             G           A
she is good and she is there, no one understands
A                         G             A
she walked into his arms, never spoke a word
A                       G               A
she's got a rich daddy, she's a daddy's girl
A   A      G         G   FF         G     G
she loves snakes and sex, killer of eagle death
A   A   G    G       FF        G       G
she has lost control, daylight growing old
A                         G                 A
she will hide in silence, then her day will come
A                    G             A
she is virgin vixen, she is on the run
A                  G             A
she is on the run, she is on the run