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Mephisto Waltz Chords

by guillermo luppi
transcription by Mark Nance
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misfits/mephisto_waltz_crd.html ]
[The Misfits never recorded this song.  It was actually recorded
 by Glenn Danzig and Steve Zing of Samhain in January of 1984.]
 E  A# B        (8x)
 D A D A  D A B
 E  A# B        (8x)
 D A D A  D A B
 E  A# B        (4x)
 D A D A  D A B
 D A D A  D A B                     e--------
 E  A# B        (4x) w/solo:        b---12---
 D A D A  D A B                     g---15^--  <- bend this Bb note to B.
 D A D A  D A B                     d--------
 E  A# B        (4x) w/solo:        a--------
 E                                  e--------