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You Ve Got Herpes Chords

I put a lot of work into this song. I'd appreciate it if you made
 some comments, as I really think I have a future in the music
 business so any criticism, good or bad, is welcome. This song is
called You've got Herpes. By me!
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I see you there, walking down the street.
your big blue head looks oh so neat
   G                  A
i wish that i could stroke your feet
you're the nicest girl that i ever did meet
oh yeah
come on
     G     A
hey now 
be strong

(Repeat the same chords for the other verses)

i want to go up to the sky
But Alas! I cannot fly
But if i could i'd go real high
and then i'd eat some cherry pie
oh yeah
be strong
hey now
come on

There's so much left for us to do
I'm not dead and neither are you
But watch you don't step in that poo
Or you'll end up boogaloo
oh yeah
come on
keep on
keepin' on

Where'd you put my house keys?
I hope they're not in the deep freeze
Or been stolen by some bees
That live among the blackberry trees
oh yeah
you're on
i'm off
i'm gone