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Weissman Joe - Honey Hill Chords

Honey Hill
by Joe Weissman

F#		F#sus4
Itís a face that I know
Bm		F#
Better than anyone
F#			F#sus4
Though I havenít seen you
Bm			C
Since last year in the sun

F#              F#sus4
Hope that I can pass you
Bm               F#
Nod my head and smile
F#               F#sus4
You turn around and say
Bm                      C
ďWhere you been all this while?Ē

(now keep playing the same chords for the other verses)
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Tell you Iíve been walking
Through the streets of my mind
Asking if you are real
Or just a memory to find

Itís a different mindset
The good and the truth
While guns are still around me
Iím dreaming of a truce

C#m7		Bmaj7
Walking up on Honey Hill
C#m7		Bmaj7
I wanna see you there
C#m7		Bmaj7
Youíre gonna see my emotions spill
C#m7		Bmaj7
Cos this is all too rare
F# Bm
Gonna see you there
F#	Bm	C x2

When your phone ainít working
I donít know where to turn
And when my heart is broken
Iíve got a lot to learn

Is this all Iím made of?
Melodies and guitars
My friends light up the night sky
But youíre my shooting star