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Still Young Chords

G	Cadd9	G	Cadd9

                  G			    Cadd9
They were juniors in high school
 				G	 Cadd9	
They didn’t know right from wrong
                      G			Cadd9
They went to all the school dances
                                                      G	      Cadd9
And they danced to their favorite song
D			C
And Johnny still loves rock and roll
D		           C
And every night he plays
D                                  C
And some day he will figure out
                                                              G	Cadd9
Why his best friend had to move away

	    G				Cadd9
They go to lunch and they talk about
			             G	Cadd9
What will happen when they grow old
	     G                                          Cadd9
They figure they will all be famous
			       G	Cadd9
And they will never have to be alone
D                             C
But Paul is failing school again
D                              C
And he still sells his pot
D                                               C
And one day he will finally realize
			    G     Cadd9
That these jobs don’t offer a lot.
G	Cadd9

They were still young
And they were so sure
That one day they’ll be what they wanna be
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        G		      Cadd9
And some day they’ll know
That life is not all about rock-n-roll
G		   Cadd9
And I pray they do well
            D                                                      Em	D  
Cause now they’re on the verge of breakin down
                              G                   Cadd9
They were all still young.

			G			Cadd9
They’ve known each other since third grade
 			        G              Cadd9			
She was his very first true love
                     G                     		Cadd9   
Everyone thought they’d get married
                                               G                    Cadd9
And he figured she was sent from above
D                                      C 
But every time they talked, they fought.
D			     C
But they had something special there
D                                            C
Cause they loved each other way too much
                                        G                             Cadd9
To stop to think or even care.

Chorus 1x

Am                                D
Best friends may not fight
Am                          D
Some may never dare
Am                                                  D
But when it comes straight down to it
                                    G         Cadd9
Real friends wouldn’t care.

Chorus 2x