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Skinner Mark - My Love Is Always True Chords

			My Love Is Always True     By: Mark Skinner

Pick first two strings and then last three strings in each chord (Or just play chords)
Main Chords  -  G, Em, C, D

Verse 1
 G         Em,         C               D
It was dark, on a cold Septemberís night
I was just wondering , if everything would go right
She was ten months older, that was different for me
I never knew what, we would turn out to be

Cadd9           G,              Em        D
I just canít believe that, all of this is true
You loviní me, me loviní you
Weíre so good together, everyone can see
Youíre the perfect girl, just like I hoped you would be *(Drag the D Chord)

G                     C,              Am              D
Iím so lucky to be, together with you
Even after, all the times weíve been through
Sometimes I donít think about,  the things I say or do
Believe me when I tell you this, my love is always true *(Drag D Chord)
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Verse 2
G                              Em,                   C                   D
Our relationship was perfect, then it began to fall
Other people tryiní to interfere, not caring at all
No matter what happens, I know our love will stay
We will be together, each and every day

Verse 3
G                              Em,                  C                   D
It has been more than a year now, and we have just begun
Look what we have accomplished, all the love weíve won
Early in the beginning, I didnít have a clue
Now I want to spend my life, so in love with you *(Drag D Chord)

Order of Song

Intro x2
Main chords x2 (x4 without picking intro)
Verse 1
Main chords x2
Verse 2	
Main chords x4
Verse 3
Chorus x2
Main chords x2
Ending x2 (End on slow strum G)

Ending same as Intro just end with a slow strummed G chord.

Strum pattern is - Down, Up, Down, Down, Up
Chord changes occur by playing the first chord then the second and when
you see the comma is when you play the last two chords in each line.