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Jennings Adam - Please Come Home Tab

Adam Jennings/Please Come Home/  a new acoustic only artist that you will love

intro:/ G    Gcadd7    Cadd9    x2

 g      gcadd7     cadd9  (one strum for each cord)
i know youve gone away
 G      gcadd7         Cadd9
i miss you more and more everyday
 G      gcadd7           Cadd9
yet i still find myself all confused
 G      gcadd7             Cadd9
cause your not the person i once knew
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pre-chorus:/palm muted
 G                     gcadd7
somethings change and somethings dont
     Cadd9            G(play thru)gcadd7
but love can burn out this i know know

 G      gcadd7    Cadd9
please come home tonight
 G          gcadd7              Cadd9
and tell me everythings gonna be alright
 G               gcadd7              Cadd9
cause somethings burning deep inside of me
 G               gcadd7             Cadd9
help this heart thats full of self pitty

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