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Edgehead7 - Jesus Shoes Chords

			     Jesus Shoes- Edgehead7

Tuning: Standard

(Pimirimi fingerpicking pattern)

   G               C
 Cloppity Clop, Cloppity Clop

 Look at what I see

   G           C
 Jesus shoes walking 

 On the shores of Galilee

         Am          F
 These sandals are special

 They belong to the holy and the blessed

 Am                  F
 You must wear the shoes of God

 When you are getting dressed
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  Am                     F
 They are the best that money can buy

 There are no others to choose

  Am                    F
 You can't touch this number one stunna

 When I'm wearing my Jesus shoes

  Dm               Am
 Jesus makes the greatest shoes

  C                 G
 Screw the Birdman and his Lugs

           Dm                 Am
 With the holy sandals of the Son of God

   C                G 
 You'll be getting all the hugs

  Dm          Am
 When I think of guitar

  C               G
 And that Motley Crue

 Dm             Am
 I'll remember Brad McNeil

  C              G
 And his Jesus shoes