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Ill Tell Me Ma Chords



Tell Me Ma
G					D			D7	G
Tell me Ma when I go home the boys won't leave the girls alone
						      D		    D7       G
They pulled my hair  they stole my comb but that's OK til I go home
		       C                   G                            D
She is handsome she is pretty She is the belle of Belfast city
G                             C                         G                       D            G
She's a courting one two three.  Please won't you tell me who is she
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G                                  		D		D7	       G
Albert Mooney Says he loves her All the boys are fighting for her
                                                                      D                 D7                 G
The rap at the door and ring the bell saying Oh my true love are you well
                                  C       		G			D
Out she comes as white as snow  rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
  G			C			G		D	G
Jenny Murray says she'll die if she doesn't get the fella with the roving eye.

G							D	D7
Let the wind and the rain and the hail blow high and the snow come tumbling from the
			 D		D7			G
She's as nice as apple pie and she'll get her own lad by and by
			C		G		D
When she gets a lad of her own she won't tell her Ma til she goes home
G			C			G		D	G
But let them all come as they will; it's Albert Mooney that she loves still.