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Tool Time Outro Tab

cut off chords quickly                       Auuuuuugugh!
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How to play:
  start with your first finger |  How to play:
on the 7th string.  Make a bar | put your first finger as a bar on
with your 3rd finger on the    | the forth fret and your 3rd finger
high e, b, and g strings. Then | as a bar on the sixth.  only cover
take your 2nd finger to hit the| the high e, b, and g on your guitar
low e on the 8th fret.  Slide  | it's just a "A formation bar chord
down the fret board after each | or an "A backbreaker" whatever you
time you finish the "dun-dun"  | prefer.

 It's not
very hard to play.  Simply think
dun-dun\dun-dun\dun-dun-da *pause*
daun daun daun,  "auuuuuugugh"
 and there you go!