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Simpsons Union Strike Folk Song Tab

Song: The Union Strike Folk Song
written by: ????
Transcribed by: J-R 

This song is is the simpsons episode with the nuclear power
plant goes on strike. Lisa plays this song on an accoustic 
guitar that is capoed on the first fret.

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_television/simpsons_union_strike_folk_song_tab.html ]
Em				D		    
Come gather round children it's high time ye learned 
     Em				A		Em	
‘bout a hero named Homer and a devil named Burns.
Em				D		     
We'll march ‘till we drop the girls and the fellas 
Em			A		Em
we'll fight ‘till the death or else fold like umbrellas
	D			A	
So we'll march day and night by the big cooling tower 
	Em			A		Em
they have the plant but we have the power  

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