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Three Amigos Tab

OK, so the first attempt at tabbing this song really is pathetic. Three amigos 2 is semi-pathetic.
And Three amigos 3 is pretty darn close. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to correct things
for those who need the tab. Here is the complete song with all corrected riffs and the chords.

Tune entire guitar (not just the low E string, ) down one half step to: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb
That is of course if you want to sing in the original movie key. It makes high notes a little
easier to sing. Otherwise just leave it in standard tuning and it’ll be fine.

Here is the intro/outro:
(I’ve just got the two low strings here because they are all that’s used. No need to type in other
four. No time signature or rhythms provided. That’s a pain and this is too simple to bother. I do
however space notes out to kind of help you along.)

A------------2---4----2------------2---4----2-------------2---4----2-----------2---4--3--2--- play
E-----0-----------------------1----------------------2---------------------------------------  2x

Here is the little bridge part or whatever you wanna call it when the horses sing. (Very similar
to the Intro/Outro. This is actually the same melody that the horses sing.)

A------------2---4----2------------2---4----2-------------2---4----2---5----2---4----2------  play
E-----0-----------------------1----------------------2--------------------------------------   2x

And here’s the song itself (Several of the chords aren’t straight up normal chords. See explanation of how I play them below.)

Blue Shadows - The Three Amigos

Verse 1 - Chevy Chase sings. (The chords to this verse are different from the last two.)

Arizona moon…
E    -    F#m    -    G#m   -   E

From the desert…
A   -   Bbdim   -   E/B   -   E
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_soundtrack/three_amigos_tab_ver_4.html ]
You know…
A   -   Bbdim  -   G#m7   -   C#m

Will light…
          F#  -  G#m  -  F#

To the one…
             B   -   C#m   -   B

Verses 2 and 3 - Chords to both these verses are very similar, so I just play them the same to keep
it simple. (Some of these chords are weird and I’m not sure I’m calling them the right name but
anyway…they sound right and that‘s what‘s important.)

Blue shadows…                                trail…
E   -   C#7/F   -   F#m   -   B                E   -   C#7/F   -   F#m   -   B        

Little cowboy…                                  eyes…
E   -   C#7/F   -   F#m   -   B                G#dim   -   C#m

All of the…
A   -   Bbdim   -   E/B   -   E

All of your work…
A   -   Bbdim   -   E/B   -   E

Just close…
A   -   Bbdim  -   G#m7   -   C#m

Dream…                  someone
F#+           -           B+

Just play that again w/ the different words for verse 3 and that’s it.

Now about the different chords. A big thing for the sound of this song is to keep the b string
ringing. So you change of few of the chords to do that. Here is an explanation of the weird, 
different or wrongly named chords I use (from low to high e string). (+ means augmented)

E/B      x-2-2-1-0-0

Bbdim    x-1-2-0-2-0

C#m      x-4-6-6-0-x

C#7/F    1-4-3-4-0-x

G#dim    4-5-6-7-x-x

F#+      2-x-4-3-3-x

B+       x-2-4-4-x-3

F#m      2-x-4-2-0-x

G#m      4-x-6-4-0-x