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Lord Of The Rings Song Tab

Hello everybody!  This is the begining song from the first Lord of the
Rings movie.  It's played while that lady is saying "the world is changing,
I can feel it in the air" or something like that.  Then it shows the kings
and the dwarfs and the elves recieving the rings.  It's played fairly slowly,
so don't try to speed it up.  Try this only if you've seen the Lord of the 
Rings movie, otherwise you'll be totally lost.  Heck, you might even have  
to see the movie a few times to remember this.  Here you go.

Song: Lord of the Rings begining song
Artist: misc movies (I think it may be by John Williams)
Tabbed by: Punkgod2003

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High E-----5-----6-----5-----6-----5-----3-----6-----5-----------
Low E -----------------------------------------------------------   
                  Remember, do this Slowwwwwwly
Play this over and over again until the lady says "But there were some
who resisted" and then it show that battle going on.

That's it.  If your a big fan you should be thrilled to know this song.
If your not a big fan, it'll still be cool to get to say to your friends
if your ever watching this with them "Hey, I can play that song on my