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Flame Still Burns Still Crazy Tab

The Flame Still Burns, from the movie "Still Crazy", performed by Strange Fruit with Jimmy Nail.
Tabbed by Sam Phoenix

I saw the movie recently, and liked the music, so I hunted down the soundtrack.  12 hours later, 
I'm typing this.  This is only the main riff, not the chords or solo, and if anyone has them, 
feel free to whack it on the end of this file.  
If anyone has "All over the World" or "Brian's theme", please post it, too, as I would be very 
interested in learning them (Crawl, crawl, grovel, etc.).  Here it is.  Roughly.  For timing, 
try and find the CD, or see the movie.  This one shouldn't be too difficult.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_soundtrack/flame_still_burns_still_crazy_tab.html ]

See? I said it wasn't too difficult!  Make sure you keep it slow and emotive for maximum effect.  
Optionally, you can add a 10-9-10 on the B string later on, as the later verses use it.  Enjoy!