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Silent Night Chords

Title: Silent Night
Author: James Johnson & Daniel Thomas - Thomas Recording Studios
Note: We Suggest You Use A Capo On The 3 Fret

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Silent Night, Holy Night
D7            G
All Is Calm, All Is Bright
C                  G
Round Yon Virgin, Mother And Child
C                G
Holy Infant So Tender And Mild     
D7         Em       C#
Sleep In Heavenly Peace,          [Or Use [C] In Replace of C#]
G          D7     G
Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Silent Night, Holy Night,
Shephers Quake At The Sight,
Glories Stream From Heaven Afar,
Heaven Host Sing Alleluia,
Christ The Savior Is Born,
Christ The Savior Is Born.

Silent Night, Holy Night,
Son of God, Love's Pure Light.
Radiant Beams From Thy Holy Face,
With The Dawn of Redeeming Grace,
Jesus, Lord, At Thy Birth,
Jesus, Lord, At Thy Birth.