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Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Tab

this is a good songa and its really easy certainly for a Xmas do!

     the verse is;
                  [Ab]until you sing 2nd XMAS then [Eb]

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc_christmas/rockin_around_the_christmas_tree_tab.html ]
 you may want to fiddle with these chords to make it sound more rocky!
 I simply use barre chords and barre across with my little finger every other beat
 now the middle 8 is very melodic but not too hard if you keep to barre chords.
 [Db] until SENTIMENTAL then [Cm]until VOICES then [Fm]until DECK then
 [Bb] until BELLS then back to [Eb] to start the verse again.

  easy and effective but you have to liven it up anyway.