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Hey, i hear a lot of people asking how to use the pentatonic scale and other questions very similar, we'll the first thing you're gonna need is the scale (der) so
 i tabbed it out for you here for easy referance! :)

This is the E minor pentatonic scale!


So what makes this the E minor pentatonic?!

well it's all about root notes! If the scale is in E then all the root notes will be
an E note! To give you an example, you see the very first note is an open string on the low E string, this is an E note! If you wanted to play the scale in C you would 
move that note up to the 8th fret on the 6th string. :) So you move the root note to the scale reqired.

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/misc/pentatonic_help_tab.html ]

As you may notice the scale can be split into pattens, the most used segment or 
pattern is this one:


It's easy to get your fingers round and very versitile. You will be able to see the 
other patterns and how they join together by looking at the whole scale.

So how do i use it to make solos?!

Well most solos you hear are based around the pentatonic scale, in rock at least. It
 is very possible to create a whole solo just by using the pattern that i tabbed 
above and a lot of people have done this. Basically if the song is in the key of E
 you can use the E minor or major pentatonic scales to solo over it. A good chord
 progression in the key of E would be E, G, D, A or E,G,B. You then solo over these 
cohrds using the E minor pentatonic scale.

Minor or Major!

In this file i have only tabbed the E minor pentatonic scale, if you want the major
 scale you'll have to look it up but basically you can use either if the song is in
 the key of E, each will give a different effect.

Hope this helps you a little! :)