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This is my first song that I wrote on Christmas day 2002. Enjoy

I call this piece: I'm sorry

Bridge 1:
	[G]			[G7]   [C]
	If I call you, will you answer me...?
	[G]			[G7]	  [C]
	If I call you, will you say hi to me...?
	[G]		     [C]
	How would I know, if it's really you...?
	    [G]		           [D]
	And if it was you, how can I tell you that...

	[G]			  [C]
	I'm sorry baby that I was not there
	     [G]	       [D]	
	When you needed me the most...
	I'm sorry baby,
	       [C]		[D]	
	Please give me one more chance
		   [C]		    [D]    [G]   [C] [D]
	Cause' you know that I need you tonight..

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Bridge 2:
	[G]			 [G7]             [C]
	How can I tell you, that there is another girl
	[G]			[G7]	           [C]
	But I promise you, that I will always love you..
	[G]		[C]		    [D]
	No matter what, I will stay by your side..
	[G]			  [C]
	You are the light. You are the star.
	[G]			  [D]
	You are the goddess of my dreams..


	[G]			     [C]
	There's only one thing in my mind.
	[G]		 	     [D]
	There's only one thing in my heart.
	[G]		 [C]
	You are the one, who gave me hopes
	    [G]			[D]
	And I will never forget you..

	    [C]		   [D]	     [C] [D]  [G]
(Cause' you know that I'll always be by  your side..)

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at sushim0t0@hotmail.com