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Alright, this is the barney theme song.  You know the one that goes,
"i love you, you love me, we're a happy family..."  I haven't played
this with the show yet, so i don't know if it's on key or what.  But,
it still sounds like it.  It's only played on the bottom 3 strings.

 E --3--0--3-|-3--0--3-|-5--4--1--0-----------|------------
 B ----------|---------|-------------3--5--6--|--5-6--8----

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 E ----------|-----------1--3--4--6-|------------------------
 B --1--1----|-1--3--5--------------|----8--------6--5--3--1-
 G ----------|----------------------|-------7--7-------------

  Oh, and incase you didn't know..for some reason...the song goes like 

   I love you, you love me.  We're a happy family, with a great big
  hug, and a kiss from me to you.  Won't you say you love me too.

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