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Big Boy Tab

My first tab, purely because I didn't like the other version and I'm fairly
confident that this is correct. You may well know that this song's used on the
Premiership and I was sitting there watching the goal round up and realised what
a great song this is. It's very easy to play and slap some mild distortion on for
this to sound best.

(I'm probably teaching you how to suck eggs)
H=Hammer on
P=Pull Off
B=Bend Note

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/m/minuteman/big_boy_tab_ver_2.html ]

That's the main riff from this song. The rest of it sounds like lightly muted
power chords in the background, which I can't be bothered to work out - sorry.

Any questions feel free to email me at thefletchyboy@hotmail.com