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Fingers Crossed Chords

Hi this is my first song i ever put chords on so dont blame me if its all to bad =)


C                                   G   
I always knew you where you where a keeper
          Am               F
Maybe not exactly from day one
                C             F
yes but i dont wont to be overdone
C                           G 
So now youre heading by the season
        Am                    F
but for me thats never been a crime 
    C             F         C              G    
and after all did you, yeah you woke up in time

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G                         C    
So now youre back on your feet again
now you are back to compete with men
now you are back and it took som time
            F            G  
to get more measure into prime

Now youre back gotta change the world
now youre back and I say go girl
now youre back and you do just fine
so dont resign
      F           G                 C   
cause after rainy days the sun will shine

Then there is the same trough out the song. Sweden and Millencolin rulez!!!!!