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Heyday Chords

                                   by Mick Christopher

A great song by a wonderful Irish artist, made famous by Guinness.
This tab cannot be found on any guitar site so i decided to submit my own version.
Hope it's correct!!   *Alan4*

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro; G  C  C/B  Am
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                G             C           C/B                 Am
Waited for the sun, for the light,for the right and for the masters,
       G          C            C/B            Am
Oh we come, to be kind, to be warm here and after,
            G             C                    C/B          Am
We've been out, but we're back, 'cause we've grazed these meadows
        G C C/B Am
And we ri-i-ide

                  G C C/B Am                 G       C        C/B Am
And this is our heyday baby,And we're not gonna be afraid to shine,
                         G  C C/B Am                            G C C/B Am
'Cause we can make our heyday last forever,and aint that what it's all about?