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All You Wanted Chords

Em Em7     C7      G
I    wanted    to be like you
I wanted everything
So I tried to, to be like you
Em Em7   C7     D
and I got swept away

Verse 2 same chords as verse 1

Em      C      G        D
If you want to I can save you
Em    C             G           D
I can take you away from here
so lonely inside, so busy out there
and all you wanted was somebody who cares

Verse 3 same as verses 1 & 2
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C           D                                       C
All you wanted was somebody who cares
                D                                 C     Bb    Asus2
when you need me you know Ill be there
Oh, oh, yeah yeah


Whoa oh, oh.........


Em                 Em7
Please can you tell me
C7           G
so I can finally see
Em         Em7                  C7
where you go when youre gone