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Love Will Never Lie Chords


 F       C        G
Nothing can stop emotions
 F          C            G
That run down the sides of your face
 F           C            G
wish i could change this moment to
 Dm         C7     G
Another time and place
F        C          G
Nothing you say can move me 
F             C             G  
I've choosen the road that i'm on
F     C                    G 
I have to join the fight for freedom 
Dm       C7      G
Until the war is on.

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Chorus :
     C     G      Am       G
    We will keep the faith between us
     F          G   Dm   C7
    If we only try
     C      G      Am      G
    We will keep the truth inside us
     F               G     Dm  C7 
    Love will never lie.

 F      C                 G
Someone will always hear you
 F      C                  G 
Care about you when you cry
 F       C            G
But no one can hear    
 F   C         G
My heart is breaking
Dm        C7  G  
As I say goodbye

just repeat chrus and play  F G Dm C7 at the ending part and
 G chord  is 320033 cuz it sound better.....

have a nice day.......