Merle Haggard Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. After I Sing All My Songs Chords
02. Always Wanting You Tab
03. Are The Good Times Really Over Chords
04. A Friend In California Chords
05. A King Without A Queen Chords
06. A Place To Fall Apart Chords
07. A Workin Man Cant Get Nowhere Today Chords
08. Back In Love By Monday Chords
09. Big City Chords
10. Big City Tab
11. Bottle Let Me Down Chords
12. Branded Man Chords
13. Cherokee Maiden Chords
14. Cocaine Blues Tab
15. Colorado Chords
16. Daddy Frank Chords
17. Dont You Ever Get Tired Of Hurtin Me Chords
18. Down On The Houseboat Tab
19. Fightin Side Of Me Chords
20. Fugitive Tab
21. Ghost Story Chords
22. Good Time Really Over For Good Chords
23. Go Home Chords
24. Graceland To Promised Land Chords
25. Holding Things Together Chords
26. Hungry Eyes Chords
27. Hungry Eyes Tab
28. If Were Not Back In Love By Monday Chords
29. If Were Not Back In Love By Monday (ver 2) Chords
30. If We Make It Through December Tab
31. If We Make It Thru December Chords
32. If Youve Got Time To Say Goodbye Chords
33. Ill Always Know Chords
34. Im A Lonesome Fugitive Tab
35. Im A Lonsome Fugitive Chords
36. Im Bringin Home Good News Chords
37. Im Free Chords
38. Irma Jackson Chords
39. Its Not Love Chords
40. I Came Close So Close To Failure Chords
41. I Think Ill Just Stay Here And Drink Chords
42. I Wont Give Up My Train Chords
43. Jackson Tab
44. Kern River Chords
45. Kern River Tab
46. Laugh It Off Tab
47. Leavins Not The Only Way To Go Chords
48. Love And Honor Chords
49. Mama Tried Chords
50. Mama Tried Tab
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