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Pink White Blue Chords

Mayonnaise - Pink White Blue

madali lang 'to....Power Chords lang...

Bago mag Verse 1:
C#m - D(ung power chord ah)
C#m - C(ung power chord ah) 2x

Verse 1: (Intro Chords)
I know i'm not the one you are thinking of
coz i'm just your past, and i'm gone.
So what now? 'Coz I know this will be very hard,
to go back un rewind.

Pre-Chorus:A#m-C#m ->(2x)
'Coz you don't know what i really mean,
you don't kbow hat i really feel,
you don't know don't know my name and the pain.

You're my angel, in my own heaven, life is a miracle.
It's so surprising, uninviting, i'll nver be alone.
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Bago mag-verse 2:
C#m - D(ung power chord ah)
C#m - C(ung power chord ah) 2x

Verse 2: (Intro Chords ulit...)
I know,i'm not the one you're dreaming of, and i'll be gone soon for you.
So help me, to swallow this bitter pill, so i can fade away


Bridge:E-F#m-G-G-G#m ->(3x)
Life to me is very real, a miracle that i can feel.
Everytime i try to sleep , i dream of you it feels so real.
Everytime i try to breathe, i suffocate and i start to bleed.
All of these because of you.

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do Chorus Chords

Verse 1
Chorus ->(2x)


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this song is 4 "ARA","DADA","SAM"(haha) and "UNIZ"
add nio q sa friendster at y.m.
aq nga c jc "manas" nasam..........