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Only Thing Chords

Astig talaga ang mayonnaise! Tangkilikin ang pinoy rock!

Tabbed by: "JeisoN" From the band of Acid Berry
sana po magustuhan nyo....

Verse 1:  
   F#       A
Why are we here 
I cant except the fact 
That living me and im so ashamed

Repeat the chords of Verse 1:

God cant you see
I've been blinded by the things that I 
Cant even hear

C#m               Bm
Why??! Why?! Why?!!
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       A                               Bm
Needless to say that im going for the kill
      Cm                                      D
If you realize the side of you and not were you thinking
      A                                  Bm
Is, im so preoccupied don't know what to do
         Cm                               D
The only thing that I knew missing of die is you!!

Do the chords of Verse 1 and 2
Why are we still
Climbing on mountains
Just for a thrill

Please help me here
Im completely lost
Without you and I cannot tell

Repeat refrain and chorus

Next time na ung adlib:

We cant save this
We cant heal this!